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As the parent of a son who underwent treatment, I am delighted to recommend the practice and Ektor Grammatopoulos. His easy style makes the children feel comfortable and his procedures are very efficient. He and his team work hard to accommodate any issues that may arise along the way and he finds a way to encourage the children to work hard for their teeth i.e. to look after them properly thereby shortening the total treatment time. I recommend his practice very highly and I am very delighted by the results.


Dr Ektor Grammatopoulos carried out my husband’s orthodontic treatment nearly ten years ago and I recently completed my orthodontic treatment with him.  He has wonderful manners with patients and staff alike and he is very caring. He takes the time to carry out the treatment to the highest possible standard from the very first visit all the way to the end of the treatment and beyond, whilst putting the patient at ease.  He is an absolute perfectionist and explains all aspects of the treatment thoroughly. Both my husband and I are grateful for his excellent work. 


Dr Ektor Grammatopoulos showed exceptional professionalism and genuine care about my case which very quickly instilled a sense of confidence. The treatment was perfectly explained, precisely executed and completed on schedule despite my travels which he was able to flexibly accommodate. Above all, the results exceeded my expectations and profoundly impacted my smile and subsequent confidence. Needles to say, that I am deeply thankful and can recommend Dr Grammatopoulos without any hesitation.


I was very nervous entering my orthodontic treatment, as I had undergone jaw restructuring earlier in the year, which had left me with an uneven bite. Dr. Grammatopoulos was good at walking me through the process, and helping me understand the timeline and the necessary steps that needed to be taken. He is very personable and truly cared about my orthodontic journey. I started out wary about the treatment but quickly became excited to see the progress at each of my appointments. Dr. Grammatopoulos listened to my every request and gave me the smile and facial structure that I’d always hoped for. I could not be happier with the outcome.


Dr Ektor Grammatopoulos manages to exude in equal measure professionalism and charisma. My entire experience was exceptional from the initial consultation to understand my needs, to clearly outlining my options that would give me the best results to correct my bite and to align my teeth perfectly. Then guiding me through the treatments and keeping me involved and well informed all the way. I am delighted with my end result. As a Doctor myself, I would highly recommend him without any hesitation. 


I am just so thrilled at the result of my orthodontic treatment by Dr Ektor Grammatopoulos. After a lifetime of being self-conscious when I smiled or laughed I am now super confident. Writing this during the unfortunate corona lockdown and often seeing myself on Zoom, I am even more pleased I had it done. I can really recommend Ektor and his team who took great care of me throughout. 


When I met Ektor, I had a gut feeling and a sense of relief. He had the incredible challenge of working with my signficantly bad teeth. He was extremely efficient  in his approach and achived what I thought was impossible. He has done outstanding work transforming not only my teeth but my overall confidence and happiness. I have visited many orthodontists globally and there is no one I would recommend other than Ektor. He is extremly effective and skilled in what he dose and takes pride in his work. Ektor has the natural ability of making his patients very comfortable. He outlined all the possible treatment options and went for the treatment that would lead to the best result, not the most expensive one! And a personal thank you to Ektor and his team for transforming my teeth and doing a exceptional job and far surpassing my expectations.


I want to thank you very much indeed for your exceptionally very good skills and kindness during my orthodontic treatment. My case was unique as I had functional problems as well as aesthetic concerns. I am so pleased that the treatment improved my bite and gave me such a beautiful smile. You made the whole experience very smooth with your friendly manner and jokes . You are so approachable and I was so impressed that I could contact you if I had any questions during my treatment. Your prompt responses during my treatment and your fantastic care is so much appreciated . Your effort made a real difference- I can finally smile with great confidence, I have rested sleep nights and no pain on temporomandibular joins. Once again, thank you so very much! 


I am very grateful to Dr Ektor Grammatopoulos and his staff for making the process of braces an easy and efficient one.  He has given simple to follow advice which was very clearly understood by my child.  He has an engaging and easy-going personality very suited to working with children.  He doesn't talk down to them and always listens patiently to their views.  It was extremely convenient to have all the items needed for teeth-cleaning as part of the procedure.  I would recommend Dr Ektor Grammatopoulos to other parents for his professionalism, his excellent support staff and his gentle, patient demeanour.


I have recently finished my orthodontic treatment with Dr. Ektor Grammatopoulos and I am beyond happy with the end result. Dr. Ektor has been an amazing professional from the beggining to the end. He explained clearly all my options during the first appointment, carried out the treatment in an extreme careful manner and supported me during the whole process. He and his team are not only astounding professionals, they are all extremely nice and kind with the patients. The whole experience has been super smooth and I am forever grateful.


Dr Ektor Grammatopoulos treated R. for her severe overbite and misaligned teeth. As a mother, I was very impressed with his overall outstanding work in giving R a perfect smile. What actually impressed me the most was his ability to make R feel comfortable and happy with all orthodontist visits and the child-friendly manner in which he conducted his professional work with my daughter.  He was always generous with his time and never in a hurry, as well as encouraging and supportive. Undoubtedly, R's new smile has given her a new-found confidence which I have Dr Ektor Grammatopoulos to thank for.


I have been so pleased with my orthodontic treatment from start to finish and the results are exactly what I was hoping for and more.
From my initial consultation with Ektor I had every confidence in him, his knowledge and passion for what he does really shines through and you know he wants the very best outcome for you. 
He was always happy to answer any questions I had and I felt he really took the time with me at every appointment. 
I have worked in the dental industry for over 10 years and would happily recommend Ektor to any of my patients, friends or family interested in having orthodontic treatment.